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Play Sex Videos Download instructions [free downloading]

1. Click the “download” link or press “Download from FilesMonster” button below the post.

2. You will be brought to Downloading page. (if you have premium you will immediately get direct link to downloading)

3. Choose a type of download you want (free or premium)

4. If you choose a premium you do not need to perform further steps, you will immediately get direct link to downloading. (premium get you access to unlimited downloading).
5. Click on the file name

6. if the file size is greater than 100 mb then this file will be split into parts by 100Mb each. You need to download each part with 45-90min interval

7. You will redirect to another page.
8. enter the code as you see on image

9. If the code you entered is correct please wite 30 seconds to start downloading

10. After this click “Continue” button

11. You will be brought to Downloading page with DIRECT link to downloading
12. Click the button to download the file

13. DOWNLOAD FILE to your computer.

14. wait until the file downloaded to your computer,
15. Wait 45-90 minutes to download the next part of the file if file that you downloading more than 100 MB.
16. Repeat steps 5-15
17. Unpack all downloaded parts.

18. Enjoy !!!

More info: Video manual

you need more help? tell me!

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